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The source that we tap our water from lies right below the mountain in Åre. Åre is ski resort in northern Sweden. People visit us for outdoor activities year round to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air. This is nothing new, back in the early 11th century, Åre were visited by people who wanted to be in the serene and clean environment that surrounds the source.

It is the interplay between nature, environment, human and climate that creates the unique conditions of our water. It is the soil and geology in and around the source that gives it its character and flavour. Even the pure and pristine mountain environment ensures a good environment for the water. Layers of rock and sand that was created during the ice age, works as a good filtration to the water and source. The source is located underground and protected from external influences.

Our water, which is a natural mineral water is bottled in our factory directly adherence to Åre source. Some of our products is sparkling but we also have still bottled water. We also flavour our water, lemon and lingonberry are the flavours we use today. we tap it in 50cl and 75cl glass bottles. 

Many of Åre's visitors and the people that choose to live here testify to the good water in Åre. Both the water that bubbles in streams along the mountainside and the water contained in cabins taps. Because the water is so appreciated, we want to share it. Everyone should have the opportunity to taste it.

In the water world (finewaters.com) they have a categorization tool to describe how clean and protected the water is from external environmental effects. The system indicates "virginality" on the water and measured by the nitrites and nitrates. The lower the numbers, the less outside influence expose the water and the purer and better water. Åre Natural Mineral Water is a natural mineral water and has the highest rating that can be obtained, Superior. It is not possible to cleaner according to this measurement. There are only 50 other bottled waters in the world with the classification.

Our water is one
of the 50 cleanest



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